5 Steps to Effective Water Fasting for Health

Published: 31st March 2010
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Fasting can be a useful tool for achieving health benefits. When the body is in a state of food and nutrient deprivation, it begins to cleanse itself, and this can help prevent disease by boosting your immune system and making your organs work more effectively. A very effective technique is the basic water fast, meaning nothing but water for a chosen time period. Here's how to do it and achieve the best benefits to your health.

Step #1: Check Your Health - Ask your doctor if you are not sure you are healthy enough to practice fasting. If you have kidney problems or other issues, this is not an advisable practice for you.

Step #2: Start with caution - Plan your initial fasting period for no more than 24-hours so you can gauge how your body is taking it, and see whether you experience any digestive pain or discomfort. If you don't have problems, still take a few days and then try again for a longer fast.

Step #3: Just Water - Drink a ton of water, maybe a gallon or more, during your first fasting period, which will not only keep you hydrated and refreshed, but will also help your body flush out the poisons and toxins that it goes to work on when you are fasting. That's right, when there is no food in your system your body starts to find whatever is lying around and processes it, so even though you are drinking water, you'll notice your urine is partly yellow, which indicates the success of the fast, as those nasty toxins are squeezed out of your cells and sent packing.

It is recommended to use distilled water to achieve maximum cleansing effect, or at least bottled water as it may have less impurities than tap water (although that depends on where you live).

Step #4: Stay Lazy - Plan for the day of your fast such that you don't have anything too exhaustive to do. This is not a time to get a ton of exercise or stress out over a big project. Your body will need rest and relaxation so it can turn all of its energy towards expelling toxins from your system, so give it a chance to do that. Get an hour or more of extra sleep, which is also helpful to avoid having to think about food

Step #5: Go Easy When Finished - When the fast period is up, don't eat a huge meal, but ease your way into eating again. You might want to start just with a glass of juice to get some quick energy without overtaxing your digestive system. Work up to more food and a bigger meal later in the day. You'll probably notice that your craving for sugar and starch will be reduced as a result of the fast, which is one of the many great benefits to periodic fasting.

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